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               Finding the Health of The System

Systemic Constellations

This phenomenological process enables us to explore uncounscious PATTERNS and behaviors that are likely rooted in the past and still have an effect in our lives today. We can see what's hidden beneath the surface. Reveal the deeper, unknown causes of our conflicts and afflictions. We can illuminate our shadow areas, where the Soul's natural movement has been interrupted or reduced. Through our witnessing and presencing, we can potentially restore the original impulse and movement, so WE can return to natural alignment and resonance with the health of our systems. Healing simply means to restore the original impulse, so that Love and Life can flow unobstructed. 

Collective Healing Processes

Collective processes are best suited for INDIVIDUALS in the field of trauma who have already explored and partially integrated some of THEIR own personal, developmental and even intergenerational imprinting. IT IS For those of us who ARE WELL RESOURCED AND WISH TO make a more DIRECT contribution to OUR cultural and collective FIELDS, as a partially clear and transpersonal container. 

TOGETHER, We explore MULTI cultural symptoms that are manifesting in our world today and often see how they are rooted in unprocessed TRAUMATIC events from the past such as world wars, slavery, colonization AND genocide. Collective processes are important because collective trauma effects humanity as a whole. We are all partially, if not fully, still living under the influences of our human history and unconsciously recreating the same traumas. 

Women Womb Circles

Women circles are natural healing circles, where Women come together and co-create a mutually supportive and safe environment in which we can share our presence, our voices, our experiences, our STRUGGLES, our fears, our beauty AND OUR WISDOM.. 

This womb like Space supports our exploration of what it means to be a woman as well as the emergence of the feminine qualities within ourselves that might have gone dormant or been deeply buried in our collective subconscious mind. So that we begin to reclaim our birthright as women. Our Inherited Feminine Essence.

Private Sessions
Sessions are available on an ongoing basis and are customized to each individual client, based on their unique needs and intentionS. They combine guided meditation, refined sensing, deep listening, intuitive guidance, possible constellation process.  Energetic, intuitive somatic reading and sometimes hands on healing or biodynamic cranial sacral. Together we explore THE multidimensional layers of imprinting, by focusing ON and connecting with the health of Our systems. If you wish to inquire on a private session or schedule an appointment, please call us directly.
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Online sessions are available through Zoom

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