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Private Healing Sessions

A healing session is an assisted journey into the darkened landscapes of your being . It is a skillfully guided descent into the depths of your core woundings and experiences. Juliana accompanies her clients with her deeply grounded and embodied presence, while offering accurate mirroring and reflection. This allows Juliana and her clients to co-create a strong relational field of resonance, where new spaces can open within previously traumatized spheres of reality and healing can happen naturally and effortlessly .  

Juliana works privately with people of all genders.

Sessions are available in person or virtually.   

* 90 minute session * USD $180

* 15 minute increments thereafter * USD $40

* virtual sessions are available on ZOOM

* in person sessions available only in specific locations

Intergenerational healing Sessions

Intergenerational sessions explore the invisible threads of connection between the clients and their ancestors & descendants . It is a guided journey through the flow of life as it moves to and through you . This flow of Life often carries both the gifts and the pains of the family we were born into . Recognizing, understanding and integrating our ancestral imprinting gives us a much greater sense of belonging to our parents, to our families and to the world. Ancestral healing anchors us deeply into the ground of your Being . It is that which empowers us to come more fully into alignment with the Universal Source of all Life.  

Intergenerational sessions are available to all genders.

* 90 minute session * USD $180

* ALL sessions available in person or virtually   

Couples healing sessions

These sessions are available for couples of all genders.

Together we explore each individual as a field of information, as well as the space between the two, where they meet. Whats is living and breathing in the space between two people ? what is the quality of that space ? is it open and fluid ? Is it filled with tension and conflict ?

How does our developmental history influence our adult relations ? How did our family of origin in-formed us ? How does our intergenerational history manifest between us ? How can we include more of ourselves while caring for another ? 

Sessions are available to couples of all genders and sexual orientation. 

* 90 minute sessions * USD $220


Systemic Constellations 

This phenomenological process enables us to explore unconscious PATTERNS and behaviors that are likely rooted in the past and still have an effect in our lives today . We can see what's hidden beneath the surface and Reveal the deeper, unknown causes of our conflicts and afflictions .

Through our witnessing and presencing, we can potentially restore the soul's original impulse and movement, so WE can naturally come into resonance with the health of our systems . Healing simply means to restore the original movements of Love and Life . 

* 60 minute group process * USD $280

* 90 minute figurine process * USD $180

* ZOOM session with figurine * USD $220

Collective Healing Processes

Collective processes are best suited for individuals who have already explored and partially integrated some of THEIR own personal, developmental and intergenerational imprinting. It is For people who ARE WELL resourced in the personal and WISH TO make a DIRECT contribution to humanity as a whole.

In collective processes, We explore global symptoms and issues that are manifesting in the world today, that are deeply rooted into unprocessed TRAUMATIC events from the past such as world wars, slavery, colonization AND genocide. Collective trauma deeply effects us as individuals, families, communities and cultures. They are traumas of our common and shared humanity that goes beyond borders. Traumas of our collective human soul and hearts.  

* Fees vary * travel costs may apply *

Women healing Circles

Women circles are natural healing circles, where Women come together and co-create a mutually supportive and safe environment in which we can share our presence, our voices, our experiences, our STRUGGLES, our fears, our beauty AND OUR WISDOM..

This womb like Space supports our exploration of what it means to be a woman as well as the emergence of the feminine qualities within ourselves that might have gone dormant in our collective consciouness. Together we begin to reclaim our birthright as women. Our Inherited Feminine Essence.

* 90 minute women circles * USD $65 per person

* 60 minute teen circles * UDS $45 per person 

* The images on this page are part of "The Dancer" series by artist Shinichi Maruyama ( time lapse photography ) *

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