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Private Healing Sessions

A healing session is a skillfully guided journey

into the darkness of your own Being.

It's an intentional and conscious descent into the core of your wounding and imprinting.

Darkness isn't merely the absence of light.

Darkness is the rich, fertile landscape where your shadows live. Shadows being the parts of you that have been suppressed and exiled from your 

conscious experiences of yourself.

Your shadows are the parts of you that have

learned to conceal or perhaps even forgotten that they are carrying parts of your light.

Juliana's capacity to see in the dark is a guiding compass on the journey. 

The luminous light she carries in her heart illuminates the shadows and provides a

sacred mirror, where the light that's been

concealed within the shadows can be reflected, remembered and invited once again to shine.   


Intergenerational sessions explore the invisible threads of connection between clients and their ancestors & descendants . It is a guided journey through the flow of life as it moves to and through.

This flow of life carries both the gifts and the pains of the families we were born into . Recognizing, understanding and integrating our ancestral imprinting gives us a much greater sense of belonging to our parents, to our families and to the world. Ancestral healing anchors us deeply into the ground of your Being . It is that which enables and empowers us to come more fully into alignment with the Universal Source of all Life.  

Intergenerational sessions, as well as all sessions, are available to clients of all genders and sexual orientation.

Intergenerational Healing Sessions

These sessions are a guided exploration into the hidden aspects of any particular difficulty or challenge a couple might be having.

We begin by establishing together a mutually supportive common ground. A  safe place and space where both clients can be heard and seen.

We proceed by looking at and listening to the space in between them and what they each might be bringing. By identifying the root causes of the conflicts and begin to identify what's needed for their resolution.

All sessions as well as couples and family sessions are available to clients of all genders and sexual orientation. 

Couples Healing Sessions

Systemic Constellations 

A systemic constellation is a dynamic and phenomenological process which exposes unresolved systemic traumas in our ancestral and intergenerational lineages. Our unconcious entanglements with our ancestors often reveal themselves through  seemly unrelated illnesses, tragedies, challenges and hardships.

Constellations allow us to witness the original root causes of these afflictions that are most likely rooted in the past and still having an impact in our lives today. Through the practice of  systemic constellations, these symptoms might be resolved and the family soul's original impulse and movement can potentially be restored. Healing simply means to hear the stories, to feel the feelings and to potentially restore the original movements of the soul.

To return to the natural flow of Love and Life . 

Collective Healing Processes

* Fees vary * travel costs may apply *

Collective processes are best suited for individuals who have already explored and integrated the majority of their own personal, developmental and intergenerational imprinting. It is for people who are well integrated, resourced  and able to make a sustainable contribution to humanity as a whole.

In collective processes, as a group, we explore some of the global symptoms and issues that are actively manifesting in the world today but are deeply rooted into unprocessed traumatizing events from the past such as world wars, slavery, colonization and genocide. Collective trauma deeply effects us as individuals, families, communities and cultures. They are traumas of our common and shared humanity that goes beyond borders. Traumas of our collective soul. Heart wounds of humanity.  


Women circles are naturally healing circles.

We come together with the common intention to  

co-create an internal as well as external physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vessel for 

The Divine Feminine Presence, Wisdom and Grace.

This Sacred Womblike Sphere provides both a place and a space where our deepest wounds can heal.

My vision is that as we continue to gather and grow

as this Collective Divine Feminine Vessel, we are not only forming but also embodying and becoming the Sacred Womb that is birthing the New World.   

Soul sisters who share this vision, please contact me if you wish to join the circle.

* The images on this page are part of "The Dancer" series by artist Shinichi Maruyama

( time lapse photography ) *

Women Healing Circles

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