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The Mother Wave

The Ocean of Life is vast and infinite ... Endless ... Eternal ... Always has been and always will be. Rising and falling. Pushing and pulling. Gently breathing all things into form. Can you feel it breathing you? The Breath Of Life? The Mother of all Waves, breathing as the tides? Can you feel the intimacy and the vastness of Her holding? Her all pervading Presence, within and throughout Space? Can you feel her moving you? So gently, softly and unfazed?

Because there are many waves we are constantly perceiving and experiencing in this vast ocean of life. Many waves of activation. Unprocessed, unintegrated material that rise sometimes quite suddenly, with a great deal of charge. Stormy, scary, too big too fast, unpredictable, overwhelmimg waves that require a great deal of grounding and presence. Not only grounding deeply into ourselves, our bodies and our planet, but also grounding into Life itself. Grounding into Space. Grounding into the Mother Wave, the Breath of Life that breathes all.

Right now, our collective field is extremelly active. Our shared humam consciousness is in a process of awakening. We are being asked to process and integrate collective waves of global activation, very skillfully and consciously. To slow things waaaay down and makespace for the overstacking of collective imprints to begin to be unpacked and processed, one single wave at a time. So that these heavily charged waves of collective material can once again come into resonance with the slow, gentle wave that is the Mother Wave, and return to Source.

As I give the Mother Wave centre place in myself and allow all other waves to move through me, I begin to have an embodied experience of how all these waves begin to co regulate. How they all eventually find a resting place in the Mother Wave. Our greatest reSource. That which is both the core and the container, holding all waves, within and throughout Space.

When I rest fully into Life, I rest directly into Source.

There is no separation between the One that is holding, and that which is being held.

There is only breathing, one breath ... The Breath of Life.

Only one wave, The Mother Wave.

Breathing all things into form, and back to Source, in it's own time.

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