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Native American Day


I had the immense honor and privilege, just a couple of days ago, to participate in a collective constellation process led by Judy Wallace at the 2017 North American Systemic Constellations Conference, where I was also a presenter.

To say I found deep resonance with her work would be a huge understatement. Because both our work is basically rooted in very essential principals, such as cultivating Presence, establishing clear Intention, creating and resting into Sacred Space, connecting with higher reSources, Deep Listening and Witnessing, Allowing what is, Seeing, Mirroring and Including that which has been excluded, and so on.

The question and intention of our exploration was beautifully written by Judy as follows:

"How might we understand more deeply the role of christian religious oppression in the birthing of the US American democratic experiment? Where might we shine the light to uncover the healing potential of freedom for all?"

What transpired there, in a nutshell, was to me clearly the retrieval of the wounded Soul of the American Democracy.

First through the honoring, connecting and grounding of the African American culture. Then through the deep resting and nurturing of the Land itself, which still holds bellow it's surface the seeds of deep nourishment and wisdom that the Native Americans were once free to uncover and cultivate for the Whole of Humanity.

What I learned is that the health of the Soul of the American Democracy is deeply dependent on the restoration and inclusion of that which has been deeply wounded and severely excluded in the process of colonization of this country, which are both the African American and the Native American cultures.

Without them, American Democracy simply can not survive.

Because She herself is the embodiment of the True meaning of Freedom: that Freedom for One is only true if and when it truly means Freedom for All.


A deep bow of gratitude to Judy, for creating the sacred space and leading this exploration. To Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher and all others who contributed through their representations, participation and witnessing presence.

May we continue to honor and include that which has been excluded, and contribute however we can to the restoring and healing of the Whole.

May we continue to support and inspire each other through our work and through our Being.

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